International Journal of Innovative Research and Knowledge

Volume-4 Issue-6, June 2019

Title: The influence of Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Programme on teachers’ attitudes towards embracing new technologies for teaching and learning in Kenya

Author: Johnson Monari


The purpose of this study was to examine how the Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE) programme influence teachers’ attitude towards embracing new technologies for teaching and learning in Kenya. The research focused on how being a member of Microsoft Educator Community and the recognition through winning badges, certificates and getting awards affect the  attitude of teachers in embracing new technologies in their practice. The MIEE programme is designed to bring together educators who are keen on tapping into new technologies to transform the teaching and learning experiences across the world. The study was conducted through a descriptive survey research design using Microsoft forms to collect real time data. This was a relevant research instrument tool as the respondents were well conversant and frequent users of the app. The study found out that majority of the respondents frequently use the new ICT tools in their teaching after being recognised as MIEEs, where 30.2% agreed and 41.9% strongly agreed. 37.2% agreed and 58.1% strongly agreed making a total of 95.3% of the respondents who network and collaborate with educators beyond their schools after becoming MIEEs. The study concluded that joining a professional Platform like Microsoft Educator Community greatly influences teachers to embrace new technologies. This is also in line with literature review which shows that insufficient knowledge and lack of support contribute to the teachers’ negative attitude in the use of modern technologies in their classroom. The study further concludes that when teachers are recognised for their achievements in ICT integration, they get motivated and embrace the new technologies in their classrooms even more. This study therefore demonstrates that Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Programme has an influence on the teachers’ attitude towards embracing new technologies for teaching and learning in Kenya.

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